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Giants of Mont'e Prama

28 statues (all fragmentary) have been identified so far, representing 16 boxers, 5 archers, and 5 warriors. The boxers are bare-chested and are wearing short skirts and protecting themselves with a shield held in the left hand, while the right hand, on the other side of the shield, is wearing a glove. The archers are wearing a short tunic and a cape and have helmet with two horns from which emerge long braids. Their left arm, protected by a sheath and a glove, holds the bow. Their right arm, forearm, and hand project forward. Their legs are protected by greaves. The presence of fragments not attributable to the iconography described suggests the possibility that there might have been other different warrior figures as well. Among the 16 models of nuraghe identified, some were multi-tower structures, including nuraghe complexes with 4 or more towers with walls and bastions, while others were represented as single towers. The betili, carved in sandstone, were of the so-called “Oragiana” type, which is cone-shaped with square grooves just below the ridge. Almost certainly the reference models for these statues were bronze, of which the stone statues reproduced quite closely the character and style of the models. (original text in Museo di Cabras)

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