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Tharros, Phoenician city on the shores of Sinis, an important center of trade, inhabited by fishermen and farmers, which was abandoned presumably to escape the increasingly frequent incursions of the Moors. In the ninth century BC was already a major center where intersected people and cultures. Indeed, it was Phoenician port and fortress city populated and rich; continued to be important for the Carthaginians, then by the Romans who took over after the Punic Wars. The Roman conquest was long opposed by the inhabitants of these places, but in the end the rebels were severely defeated in Cornus, north of Tharros. The period of Roman rule were unearthed some thermal buildings of considerable interest. Until 1000 Tharros maintained a prominent role compared to neighboring countries, then with the continuous raids of the Saracens, the inhabitants were forced to move inward. (original text in Gooristano)

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In San Giovanni di Sinis is also the church of San Giovanni dating back to the sixth century AD.  For more information click here