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Il Logo della Cooperativa Turistica Sinis

The meaning of our Trademark

It is an ornamental element from Catalan origin, which decorated the doors of the houses and the main doors of the courtyards.
It is called "affriscu moriscu" and was used to cover the bolt.
With this iron decoration, which was forged and struck with skill, the family showed its social "status" or its way of thinking through the symbols which it was made of.
There are religious and herdalic ones or ones with animal shapes or shapes of the nature.
It is often possible to find the "heart" the "cross", a "bird", the "crown", a "plough" and other elements of the agro- pastoral culture.
The one we chose as trademark, which reflects the spirit of the co-operative, can be divided in three parts:


  • The upper part stands for a crown and symbolises the regalness of the house
  • The central part is an heart which clearly stands for the willingness and hospitality of the inhabitants of the house;
  • The lower part, which has certainly a Moresque influence, portrays the last part of a scimitar to show the strength in the defence of the own territory.

That's our Sardinia: proud of its own origins, careful in respecting and protecting its own land but ready to welcome guests giving them a key which goes through the "heart" of its people.

"Beni benius"